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New York Computer Forensics Investigation

Computer forensic investigators uncover the depth of a security breach, recover data that has been corrupted or intentionally deleted, identify how a 'hacker' got past the security checks and if fortunate enough, identify the individual who caused the damages. The term 'hacker' can either be an individual on the Internet, an employee, or a spouse looking to steal or destroy data.

Our certified computer examiners use the most advanced tools available to locate data and analyze computer evidence to support your case. These tools include both hardware for write-blocking, forensic imaging and data recovery and software for electronic evidence collection, computer forensic investigation and electronic evidence analysis.

What tools and equipment are used by computer forensics experts?
Industry standard forensic software used includes software from AccessData (Forensic Toolkit - FTK) and Guidance Software (EnCase). Our computer examiners have performed forensic investigations for defense and prosecution in civil, corporate and government litigation.

Which of these do you need a forensic investigation for?

After analysis is complete our investigators will provide you with a comprehensive, yet easy to understand, report about the data on the suspect media.

Forensics investigations - evidence collection, data analysis, device imaging, expert witness and litigation support in New York.

Computer forensic investigation has become a vital tool and source of information for gathering evidence from electronic devices to aid criminal investigators, corporate counsel, and prosecutors collect, analyze and present evidence in court.

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